Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Meaning Of Life

As far as the human race gain consciousness of its presence on earth a question rose all of the sudden, and that question is about life and what´s its meaning. Well, for starters, most of the humanity most be very lazy since they can find its meaning in every dictionary:
1.the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

Nevertheless i´ll try to describe myself a plausible explanation for it, in every time aspect of it´s timelife evolution.
First of all, on birth a female human squeezes a tiny human organism from it´s utter in organism, this can be some sort of canon test shooting technique to figure out the human accuracy on target. Then this tiny humanoid organism grows, and, somehow the purpose of it´s life as it grows is to get wet in water all the time, i´ll explain. By the moment that humans wake up all they want to do is to shower,thus wet themselves. During all year, humans work so as to have a reasonable amount of money to spent, and where do they spend this money? on vacations, and where to they vacate? in sunny places where there is a beach near, and for what purpose? to wet themselves.So humans live their life's to vacate in water. Kinda like pigs but more hygienic.
And what does sleep stage means?Well i´ll try to show you with a cartoon:

Oh, and finally, regarding the canon test shooting technique to figure out the human accuracy on target I mention early, well that accuracy is well needed since when death arrives humans have to be buried, so, somebody has to have the strength and accuracy to basket them deep bellow.
Therefore and to sum up everything, the meaning of life is a whole gigantic prolonged basketball shooting range test, where the "ball" trembles in between beach baths until it reaches his basket. voilá!


lampâda mervelha said...

:) hihihihi

Morning said...

e quem junta dinheiro para ferias de neve? :P

Mas afinal o que estou eu aqui a fazer?... said...

couldn't be clearer!

Legião da Sombra, escombros e mesmo também debaixo de algumas pedras (Cpt. Xilema, FOX, Messias, Marcx e Soninho) said...

How do you see the reproduction part??? Since we are simply "the ball" that trembles in between beach bath, is reproduction a alley up???

Cpt. Xilema

FUPAMP - O comprimido vermelho!

Carolina said...

ahah xD love it (:
linkei o teu blog, tambem tenho um :3 (A) *

btw, ate te dava o meu mail (caso quisesses xb) mas de momento o meu messenger esta avariado, bloqueia o pc, e ainda nao ganhei paciencia para o ir arranjar :b *